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Background and Qualifications

I was born in the Netherlands, and people often ask me why I don’t translate into my native language, which is Dutch. The answer is that, living in Scotland and immersing myself in the English-speaking world since 1988, English is very much my first language. I acquired UK citizenship in 2018.

I have a degree in English and am a qualified member of the Institute of Translation & Interpreting for the combination Dutch to English, which underlines the fact that I have native competence in English.

Because of my Dutch background and continuing contacts with the Netherlands, I have a very good feel for the Dutch language and can understand the subtleties and nuances of any source document. My clients are based in the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France and other European countries.

I started translating on a fulltime basis in 1995; I took a break from 2002 to 2008 to complete a degree in Spanish and do a PhD. My PhD, about the Spanish poets Gloria Fuertes and Pilar Paz Pasamar, involved archival research into their life and times as well as their work in the mid-twentieth century. I have translated some of the poetry of Pilar Paz Pasamar into English, and I have also translated academic texts and general business documents from Spanish into English.

A copy of my CV can be viewed here: in Word and PDF formats.

My PhD can be found in PDF format at St. Andrews University Research Repository.