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“Hilde ten Hacken has been working as a freelance translator for our company since 1996. With regard to her work performance she always provides the utmost in reliability and quality. I very much appreciate her investigative approach when she comes across queries during the translating process, which quite often results in her English translation being better than the original text.”  

Alexander van Klinken, Co-Owner, f.a.x. Translations B.V., Groningen, Netherlands   

“Hilde ten Hacken has been providing translation work for the project ‘The Persecution and Murder of the European Jews by Nazi Germany, 1933–1945’ since 2018. The project is a 16-volume source edition that illustrates the contexts, dynamics, and intermediate stages of the political and social process that led to the Holocaust. Hilde has proven a talented and reliable translator who has translated documents from Dutch into English. She is proficient at navigating through a comprehensive variety of texts by persecutors, victims, and onlookers (e.g. financial, philosophical, legal, political and educational texts, newspapers and diary entries). We are very satisfied with the quality and punctuality of her work and would recommend her translation services.”

Dr Dorothy Mas, Institut für Zeitgeschichte München-Berlin,

“When I was searching for someone to edit the English in the articles related to, and the chapters of my PhD dissertation, I remembered working with Hilde ten Hacken at Adr.Heinen Uitgevers, when she translated the publication The world of Bosch for us. In the last few months, Hilde has edited several articles for me in a very satisfactory way. She works swiftly, accurately, and transparently. And whenever I think that she may have “corrected” something in the wrong direction, because the original text was not clear, she helps finding another solution.” 

Yke Schotanus, PhD student, teacher, singer, songwriter and poet    

“I have been working regularly with Hilde over the past year and I am very happy with our collaboration. She is a dependable translator who delivers high quality-translations and has very insightful comments. She has been able to undertake long-term complex projects with remarkable dedication and has no problems using CAT tools. Some of our major clients in real estate are absolute fans of her work. I am very thankful for her dedication and do not hesitate to recommend her!”

Jennyffer Pfister, Chef de Projet, Technicis Finance, Paris

“I only started working with Hilde ten Hacken this year and she has already proved herself to be an excellent and reliable Dutch and Spanish into English translator. She now provides regular Dutch into English translations for one of my major clients and her translations are always delivered on time and well received by my client. I am happy to recommend Hilde's translation services.”  

Sue Copas, Director, Verbatim Services Ltd, Edinburgh    

“Hilde has been an incredibly reliable, flexible translator working with us on a fairly complex market research project. Despite having no prior experience in the industry our project focuses on, she has been an integral part of the team and is now indispensable.    She always adheres to processes and procedures set in place and never misses a deadline. Her knowledge of the languages she works on is second to none, and her fluency across languages makes it incredibly easy to converse with her and ask for quick, easy to understand translations.”  

Sarah Warman, Junior Account Manager, Manifest London Ltd  

“The quality of Hilde’s translation and her professionalism have always been impressive. She is an accomplished linguist and translator, with an enquiring mind, first-rate language skills and a disciplined approach over a diverse range of subjects. These qualities, together with her excellent research and organisational skills, ensure a high level of client satisfaction.”  

Margaret Gibbins, Retired Translator/Reviser    

“Dr Hilde ten Hacken efficiently and accurately translated Jesús Rodero's book chapter on 'The fantastic in the short stories of Adolfo Bioy Casares', for the forthcoming monographic volume on Bioy edited by Dr Karl Posso of the University of Manchester, and myself. Her first-hand knowledge of academic prose in English was invaluable in making a convincing and fluent version of the original Spanish.” 

Dr Fiona J. Mackintosh, Senior Lecturer in Latin American literature, Hispanic Studies, University of Edinburgh